Great White LEDs- Lighting Foresight

Great White LEDs- Lighting Foresight

Great White LEDs were named because over millions of years, the Great White Shark has evolved into one of the most powerful and efficient hunters on the planet. When dusk settles, the Great White becomes active, and a hunter emerges from the depths of the darkness.

Today marks the evolution of a LED driving lights and the emergence of a Hunter. Introducing Great White LEDs: Where power and efficiency combine to make light of the dark.

Great Whites Driving Lights are designed by OEX and Engineered & Manufactured by Vision X Lighting. Vision X are a global leader in the lighting industry with a name recognised by 4×4 enthusiasts all over the world.

Born from technology found in OEX lights ensures that they will perform in the most rigorous of 4×4 and trucking conditions.

HS Motors is proud to be a stockist of Great Whites and with qualified staff who can expertly install your new LED lighting, you know your buying from the people with the right knowledge and experience.


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