Car Batteries

Car Batteries

Your car batteries are a crucial part of your vehicle electrical system, even more so in modern vehicles where electrical demand is so high. That is why at HS Motors & Auto Electrics we only sell and recommend high quality car batteries from well known suppliers and can replace your existing batteries when you bring your vehicle in. For your standard battery replacement, we carry a compehensive range of Marshall batteries, suitable for all types of vehicles from cars such as a Holden Commodore to a top of the line Mercedes Benz. We also stock a variety of battery types, including Deep Cycle and AGM, suitable for a range of applications in 4WD dual battery systems, caravans and camper trailers, marine and more.

For those looking for the ultimate in high performance batteries, we carry a range of Optima Batteries. The ultimate power source, Optima Batteries are built for superior performance and longer life in extreme conditions. Optimas unique spiral cell design offers a number of performance advantages in 4WD deep cycle, recreational, marine and starting applications including;

– 15 times more vibration resistant
– More efficient starting power
– Longer battery life
– Extreme heat resistance

– Greater running time
– Faster recharge time
– Longer shelf life
– Maintenance free, spill proof case

Available at HS Motors & Auto Electrics is the complete range of Optima Batteries, including the Red Top for cranking applications, the Yellow Top for deep cycle and dual battery applications, and the Blue Top for marine applications.

Contact Us today to discuss your battery requirements, and let us provide you with the right advice!

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