Roof Light Rocker Switch – Carling Style, Illuminated, Sealed 4×4 4WD


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63146 HSMCD2123

Rocker Switch
Roof Lights
This quality sealed rocker switch is ideal for use in 4×4’s and commercial transport vehicles with roof lights fitted. With heavy duty components you know this product will last. Illuminated when headlights turn on and additional illumination when the in use.

Rated for: 20 amps @ 12 volts

Style: Single Pole / Double Throw

Pins: 5 – Ground (x2), Power, Accessory, Dash Light Positive

Quick Facts:
Push Fit Design
Mounting Opening: 37.5mm x 21mm
Digitally printed label and icon
Backlit icon
Night time locator mark (activated by dash lights)
Sealed for offroad use
Carling Style

Manufacturer Part Number


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