Back Up Reverse Light Rocker Switch – Carling Style,Illuminated, Sealed 4×4 4WD


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63142 HSMCD2123

Rocker Switch
Back Up Lights

This quality sealed rocker switch is ideal for use in 4×4’s and commercial transport vehicles. With heavy duty components you know this product will last. Illuminated when headlights turn on and additional illumination when switch is turned on.

Rated for: 20 amps @ 12 volts

Style: SPST Single Pole Single Throw ON/OFF

Pins: 5 – Ground (x2), Power, Accessory, Dash Light Positive

Quick Facts:
Push Fit Design
Mounting Opening: 37.5mm x 21mm
Digitally printed label and icon
Backlit icon
Night time locator mark (activated by dash lights)
Sealed for offroad use
Carling Style

Manufacturer Part Number


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